Sonel LKZ-2500

Cable and underground infrastructure locator

The LKZ locator set comprises an LKN transmitter and LKD detector, offering a comprehensive solution for locating, identifying, and tracking buried objects. This versatile system facilitates the tracing of various underground elements, including power cords, cables, control cables, telecommunication cables, lightning protection systems, cathodic protection systems, water and sewage systems, fuel transmission systems (pipelines, gas pipelines), and heating systems with pre-insulated pipes.


The LKZ series proves to be an indispensable tool in earthworks across diverse industries such as energy, installation, construction, railway, telecommunications, water and sanitary, heating, geodetic, and more.


The LKN-2500 transmitter injects a locating signal into the underground object, while the LKD-2500 detector, placed along the object, traces this signal. The Sonel LKZ Mobile app, connected to the detector, displays information about the position of the traced object. Determining the object’s route is achieved through observations of compass readings and the detected signal level.


The system offers the capability to trace cables and record routes through the mobile application. These files can be exported and shared with other users, even those without the LKN-2500 / LKD-2500 device.


Operating in both passive and active modes, the system’s active mode allows the introduction of the signal through three methods: galvanic (directly injecting the tracing signal into the object using crocodile clips and test leads), clamp (injecting the tracing signal into the object through an inductive clamp), and inductive (injecting the tracing signal into the object inductively using the instrument’s internal antenna).

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