b2 HVA68TD

VLF High Voltage Test Set max. 68 kVpeak, 48 kVrms with TD diagnostics capability, it allows to pre-locate arcs in the cable insulation.

The HVA68TD is a truly compact and portable VLF test set that determines the condition of medium voltage cables with a voltage rating up to 46 kV (acc. to IEEE 400.2-2013). It performs VLF and DC testing, as well as sheath testing with sheath fault location mode (additional fault probe needed). The high output power of the HVA expands greatly the load possibilities. It allows testing longer cables or several phases in parallel. The integrated Tan Delta diagnostics unit enables a straightforward condition assessment of the cable system.
Arc Pre-Location (APL) information provides a new dimension to voltage withstand testing, which helps detect weaknesses in cable insulation before faults occur. In contrast with traditional VLF testing, APL allows for the detection of damage even when a cable passes the voltage withstand test unharmed.

  • Performance:Best in class output power combined with outstanding TD diagnostics features.
  • Duty cycle: Operating time of these test sets is not thermally limited; they may operate continuously.
  • Connectivity: On-site, no external PC is needed. All results can be downloaded later via USB or Bluetooth for further investigation and easy reporting with the b2 Control Center.
  • Safety first: Two independent discharge devices (electronic & mechanical) plus an integrated 12 kV backfeed protection system (at 50/60 Hz).
  • MWT: The HVA68TD offers Monitored Withstand Testing, a combination of withstand testing & Tan Delta diagnostics in compliance with the guide IEEE 400.2.
  • Flexible high voltage connection options:Our HV test leads enable a simple and safe connection between HVA & test object. They are available in different lengths and are quickly exchangeable.



  • pure sinusoidal output voltage (load-independent)
  • 12 kV transient protection (50 Hz)
  • Dual Discharge Device (DDDTM), integrated electronic and mechanical discharge devices
  • sheath fault pinpointing (in combination with sheath fault locator, not included)
  • easily exchangeable HV test lead
  • safe communication over Bluetooth
  • large color display (4.3″)
  • programmable test sequences with a tailor-made software tool
  • download reports from the device via USB flash drive
  • vacuum bottle test

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