Sonel MPI-535

Multifunction Electrical Installations Meter

The meter offers a wide range of functionalities. It combines the measuring capabilities of several devices, while ensuring equally good accuracy.

MPI-535 can be used for all measurements for commissioning of electrical installations in accordance with applicable regulations:

  • short circuit loop impedance (also in circuits secured with RCDs),
  • RCD parameters,
  • insulation resistance,
  • earth resistance (4 measurement methods + soil resistivity measurement),
  • continuity of protective and equipotential bondings,
  • light intensity measurement,
  • phase sequence test,
  • motor rotation direction test.

6,950.00 VAT not included

In Stock

In Stock

The MPI-535 meter is designed for checking home and industrial electrical installations, which helps determine the safety of the installation. The instrument allows you to make a set of measurements of the parameters of protection against electric shock using a single universal device. Significant automation of measurements makes it possible to test functioning of residual current circuit breakers in Auto mode as well as in preprogrammed measuring sequences (so-called auto tests), which can also be extended with own sequences. Automatic measurement of insulation resistance of 3-, 4- and 5-wire conductors is possible by using additional AutoISO-1000C adapter.


Mpi-535 Meter Datasheet    

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