Sonel LKZ-720

Wire Tracer, Locate wires and cables

The Sonel LKZ-720 cable and wire locator is a device consisting of the LKN-720 transmitter and the LKO-720 receiver. This instrument allows you to find cables, pipes and other underground infrastructures. The LKZ-720 can locate both metallic objects (cables) and non-conductive objects (PVC pipes, concrete, etc.). The locator is mainly dedicated to use in the energy and installation industry, among others.


• Detection of wires and cables (live or not).
• Tracing underground cables.
• Tracing conductive water and heating pipelines.
• Flow and accurate locating the object.
• Phase detection mode.
• Operation in wide range of rated voltage, up to 500 V RMS.
• Five modes of wire tracer operation: voltage, current,
current-voltage, power and clamp.
• Additional accessories enable precise localization
– such as contact or non-contact probes and measurement clamp.

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In Stock