Sonel MPI-540

Multifunction Electrical Installations Meter with 3P Power Recorder – Advanced Power Quality Diagnostics

Much more than a multifunctional meter

  • The largest touch screen on the market (7”) – remarkable ergonomics and ease of use
  • Removable microSD memory card – easy increase of memory capacity
  • Li-Ion battery – longer operation of the meter
  • Three-phase power recorder – advanced power quality diagnostics
  • Real time display of network parameters – immediate evaluation of the test site conditions
  • Parameters measured in accordance to class S of EN 61000-4-30 standard – high accuracy of measurements
  • Energy cost calculator – quick evaluation of potential savings
  • Measurement of all parameters related to earthing and protection against electric shock – one device instead of several
  • Quick measurement of the fault loop impedance in networks secured with RCD without triggering (up to several seconds) – time saver
  • Auto measurements – the ability to perform automatic measurements in sequence – simplified measurements • Fast path from measurements to report – time saver

9,600.00 VAT not included

In Stock

In Stock

The MPI-540 multifunctional meter is intended for testing home and industrial electrical installations. It allows you to measure the parameters of electrical networks located at these sites, thus providing control over electricity quality and measures related to protection against electric shock. The device also allows you to record residual current circuit breakers (RCCBs) in Auto mode as well as sequences programmed by the manufacturer (self tests), which can be extended with your own programs. With the AUTO ISO-1000C adapter included in this kit, you can measure insulation resistance of 3-, 4- and 5-core cables automatically.


Mpi-540 Datasheet    

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