Omicron StationScout

The innovative testing solution for IEC 61850 Substation Automation Systems (SAS)

StationScout is a tool that makes it easy to test Substation Automation Systems (SAS) and significantly reduces the required testing effort. It comes with a robust and powerful hardware that allows users to simulate multiple IEDs with secure isolation to the SAS networks. This user-friendly software helps you to visualize SCL files or tracing signals within your substation without any configuration effort.

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Key benefits

Status overview 
StationScout provides a clear overview of the substation, visualizing the communication according to IEC 61850 in SCL files, values and states in the substation.

Signal tracing  and signal testing
The communication diagram of StationScout allows you to use signal tracing, from the overview down to the detailed communication message attributes.  SCADA signalling can be tested efficiently.

Automated testing*
StationScout is able to re-use predefined test cases for testing procedure. Interlocking conditions can be tested automatically.
*requires Commissioning License

The dedicated hardware for StationScout ensures cybersecure operation within the substation communication network.

StationScout’s powerful simulation features simplify testing and commissioning. Missing IEDs and IOs can also be simulated.


Omicron StationScout  Datasheet