Omicron IEDScout

Versatile software tool for working with IEC 61850 devices

IEDScout is an ideal tool for protection and substation automation engineers working with IEC 61850 devices. It provides access to the IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Devices) and performs numerous useful functions when working with them. The software can simulate entire Ed. 2 and Ed. 1 IEDs, enabling users to extensively test them.

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Key features

  • Support of IEC 61850 Ed. 1 and Ed. 2, IEC 61400-25
  • Works with IEC 61850 compatible IEDs from any vendor
  • Investigates multiple IEDs simultaneously
  • Showing the description texts as defined in the standard
  • Activity Monitor – dragging any information to supervise reports, GOOSEs or the data object
  • Investigates data traffic in-depth – even between other clients and servers
  • Simulates IEDs


Omicron IEDScout Datasheet