Omicron CMC535 PTL (Protection Testing Library)

A comprehensive test template library for a wide range of protection relays

  • Pre-prepared test plans and XRIO converters to save valuable time
  • Manual or automatic transfer of relay settings directly from the relay manufacturer’s software
  • Automatic calculation of relay characteristics, tolerances and test settings
  • Extensive application knowledge included in the PTL test templates
  • Test templates and XRIO converters customizable for individual requirements

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OMICRON’s PTL (Protection Testing Library) contains a collection of predefined test plans that cover the most important test sequences for more than 400 different types of protection devices. Naturally, users can amend or extend these test plans to suit their requirements. The test object is an essential component of every test plan, and it can be modeled by using the open XRIO file format developed by OMICRON. LinkToXRIO technology allows the test to be updated automatically whenever the XRIO parameters are modified. This means that a single automated test template is the only thing you need for testing any number of similar protection devices. Advanced users will also appreciate many of the other automation options available through Test Universe . Studies have shown that using these features can reduce protection testing time by as much as 70%.

The OMICRON software technology, including the OMICRON Control Center, XRIO, and LinkToXRIO allows users to create specific test templates. These adapt automatically to the actual relay settings. This functionality is the technological basis of the Protection Testing Library (PTL), a comprehensive test template library for a wide range of protection relays. Using the PTL allows considerable time savings as test plans and nominal characteristics do not have to be created from scratch.


Omicron CMC535 PTL Datasheet