Testing standards DC-CCS and/or CHAdeMO

EVSE Maintaining & Service can help you simplify your EV charging station tests and charge tests in the field or at EVSE end of line testing. Easy to use with logged reports and automated if required. For DC-CCS, CHAdeMO & AC.

We’ve been providing best-in-class charging station services for many years. Our number of charging stations in the field is growing, as is our service effort. We must verify that a charging station is working properly and that nothing has been forgotten during (re)commissioning. This requirement has created new challenges for charging station manufacturers and EVSE operators. In the past, one or two real electric vehicles—each with different charging standards—were needed to test charging stations. In addition, if there were any malfunctions, it was hard for service technicians to pinpoint the causes. We’ve developed a solution for this: The Mini-Charger tester simulates vehicle signals, communication protocols, and load circuits of DC-CCS and CHAdeMO charging standards—and if required also AC—enabling us to test them easily and quickly. The Mini-Charger-Tester combines two functions in one ultra-portable, easy-to-use case: it tests the charging infrastructure for defects, and it shows the results in real time. The device also stores information about your charging stations as a report.


  • Simulation of conductive electric vehicles according to CCS (DIN 70121, ISO 15118) and CHAdeMO 1.2 or lower (2.0 coming soon); optional AC or GB/T DC-China
  • Fully automatic EV-Simulation on communication and load circuit
  • No computer required for on-site testing
  • Safety test of EVSE (DC-CCS only) to check isolation fault recognition
  • Special Fault Injection on DC-CCS signal lines (PE cut, CP short)

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