B2 HVA94

VLF High Voltage Test Set for Testing up to 66 kVrms and 94 kVpeak

The HVA94 test set is a suitable device for determining the condition of medium voltage cables with a voltage rating up to 69 kV (acc. to IEEE 400.2-2013). Its compact design and unmatchable high voltage output power to weight ratio makes it an excellent option for cable testing up to 66 kVrms and 94 kVpeak (sine wave operation), but additional fault probe is needed for sheath testing.

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b2 HVA94 VLF high voltage test set Datasheet    

Key Features

  • pure sinusoidal output voltage (load-independent)
  • 12 kV transient protection (50 Hz)
  • Dual Discharge Device (DDDTM), integrated electronic and mechanical discharge devices
  • sheath fault pinpointing (in combination with sheath fault locator, not included)
  • breakdown voltage and load detection
  • digital metering of U (rms), I (rms), C, R, and time
  • easily exchangeable HV test lead
  • real time oscilloscope display of output voltage
  • programmable test sequences with a tailor-made software tool
  • download reports from the device via USB flash drive
  • vacuum bottle test