Advanced Energy’s Monroe 287B

Portable Alternative to Charged Plate Monitors for Periodic Verification of Ionizer Performance


  • Intergrates decay timer lacking in ionizer test kits for fieldmeters
  • Exceeds current requirements of ANSI/ESD SP3.3 for Periodic Verification of Air Ionizers
  • Built-in self-test include battery check and tests for functional errors
  • Optional 6-inch plate attachment (Model 287/22C) achieves 1:1 correspondence with standard charged-plate monitor test results

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The MonroeTM 287B ionizer performance analyzer performs manual or automatic decay and balance tests for periodic verification of ionization equipment. This allows for ionizer testing at the work location without removing the ionizer from service for testing. The instrument stores results and averaged decay times for up to ten manual tests, allowing you to perform testing on-site without disrupting normal business operations. Temperature and relative humidity readings are displayed in real-time for maximum convenience during testing.


Advanced Energy’s Monroe 287B Datasheet