Viavi TC-201

TCAS/Transponder Directional Antenna Couplers - Combined TCAS and transponder directional antenna couplers for the avionics maintenance industry

The TC-201 TCAS / Transponder Directional Antenna Couplers are used on directional TCAS and combined TCAS / Transponder antennas to shield the RF signal during testing of the TCAS or transponder system. The TC-201, when used with the IFR6000 or APM-424(V)5 supports maintenance testing in the airborne condition without interfering with air traffic control or nearby aircraft.


  • Accommodates both phase and amplitude type antennas
  • Reliable, FAR Part 43, Appendix F, ERP and MTL testing in high multi-path environments
  • Provides >20 dB of isolation
  • Provides shielding for all transponder and ADS-B performance testing
  • Lower antenna adjustable support pole
  • Perform four-quadrant testing by simply rotating the bearing selector dial
  • TCAS bearing accuracy < 10 degrees

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