Viavi APM-424(V)5 MK XII/XIIA

Flight Line Test Sets - Verification of mission critical Mode 5 IFF Go/No-Go operation

Mission-ready performance testing ensures your application will have the speed and reliability it needs to be a success.
The VIAVI APM-424(V)5 is designed to test transponder and interrogator performance on a variety of aircraft, ground and ship platforms. It’s an upgrade to the TS-4530 and APM424 legacy test sets that closely replicates legacy operation for utilization of existing procedures, making it a cost effective, highly accurate upgrade to fielded test sets.


  • DoD AIMS 03-1000A (Change Notes 1,2,3) Mark XIIA certified
  • Supports DoD AIMS 04-900A Option A – KIV-78 and Option B – KIV-77, & SIT-2010 crypto appliqués.
  • Transponder Test Modes 1,2,3/A, C, S (EHS/ELS), 4, Mode 5 (Level 1 and 2)
  • Interrogator Test Modes 1, 2, 3/A, C, S, 4, Mode 5, TCAS, ETCAS (Level 1 and 2)
  • DO-260B compliant; ADS-B Out test capability


  • Accurate GPS time/date acquisition (via GPS antenna, crypto or manually)
  • Hand-held and battery powered
  • One piece, 3-button point and shoot Go/No-Go operation
  • Self-diagnostic
  • Parametric test results can be stored for downloading to a PC for review or maintenance logging


  • Mode 5 TX/RX pulse measurement
  • Mode 5 squitter data
  • Mode 5 data acquisition formats 0-23
  • TS-4542 Shipboard Interrogator test capability
  • ADS-B Out testing
  • KIV-77 & SIT-2010 support
  • KIV-78 support

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