Rudolph Tietzsch GmbH MULTISAFE HS36

Two-Pole High Voltage Tester up to 36 kV

The MultiSafe HS36 is a high voltage tester for AC and DC voltage up to 36 kV that guarantees good perception in all environments. It switches automatically to AC or DC test voltage, and it has three indication systems to guarantee good perception in all environments. The second display line indicates mains frequency.

Voltage tester:

  • Precise display of the voltage 50 V up to 36 000 V AC / 36 000 V DC
  • Large two-color illuminated display (red / green) for a clear warning of dangerous voltages
  • Clear LED indicator for dangerous voltage
  • 360° illuminated band lights up (red / green) in all directions
  • Acoustic warning of dangerous voltage


  • Integrated self-test to test the protective resistors, the display and the electronics
  • Surge voltage strength >500 kV
  • Highest degree of safety provided by molded protective resistors within the double-walled GRP-tube
  • Special connection cable over 40 kV isolated

More functions:

  • For indoor and outdoor installations
  • Different test electrodes for every application
  • Easy operation with just one button
  • Extremely stable housing, even in cold environment
  • IP 65 – waterproof
  • Demountable for easy transport

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