Sonel MMR-6500

Micro-Ohm Meter, 100A Measure the HV circuit breaker and the transformer

Product features

  • Measurements of resistive objects with current up to 100 A
  • Measurements of induction objects up to 10 A
  • Measurements of objects earthed on both sides (i.e. main joints of HV switches)
  • Measurement with one- or both-way current flow
  • High immunity to outside interference
  • Measurements temperature of windings
  • Automatic compensation temperature of objects measured
  • A state of art interface with a touch screen and expanded memory
  • Cooperation with a printer and a 2D barcode reader
  • WiFi, USB and LAN communication
  • IP67
  • It can work in an environment where electromagnetic interferences of 400 kV occur

19,800.00 VAT not included

Available on back-order

Available on back-order

You’ll never have to measure a high-voltage circuit breaker or transformer again. Get to know the Sonel MMR-6500 micrometer! Its innovative design and advanced solutions enable it to measure resistive objects with high current while also being able to measure inductive objects up to 10 amps, which is a unique feature among meters in this class. Its practical functions—temperature measurement and automatic compensation of measurement results in relation to the temperature measured or programmed by the user—are worth highlighting. The MMR-6500 also has recorder functions. Equipped with special measurement algorithms and additional functions, it can ensure that you select the appropriate measurement method depending on the nature of what you’re measuring and your measurement conditions, allowing it to be used for multiple applications.”


MMR-6500 Micro Ohm Meter Datasheet    

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