Sonel MMR-650

Micro-Ohm Meter, 10A Measure winding resistance and low resistance

The Sonel MMR-650 is a low resistance and winding resistance meter designed to measure small resistances of resistive and inductive objects. It can be used to measure the resistance of both transformer windings – including amorphous-core transformers – and resistive objects. The MMR-650 meter is dedicated to use in power plants, maintenance companies and railway industry, among others.

Product features

  • Measurement of winding resistance (inductive objects including amorphous core transformers)
  • Measurement of very low resistance
  • Transformer core demagnetization function
  • Automatic temperature compensation function (temperature probe)
  • Function of determining the temperature of a motor under load
  • High immunity to disturbances

14,500.00 VAT not included

In Stock

In Stock

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