Rigol DM3068

6 1/2 Digital Multimeter(2,200,000 Count), 0.0035% DC Voltage Accuracy, 10krdgs/s, USB, GPIB, RS232, LAN

The DM3068 series digital multimeter offers the highest accuracy of 6.5 bits. It is designed for use in high-accuracy, multi-function, and automatic measurement applications. It integrates the functions of automatic measurement, multiple mathematical transformations, and arbitrary sensor measurement. Compatible with the mainstream multimeter command set, it can meet the needs of research and development, quality verification, automatic production, education and training and other fields. 6.5 Digital Multimeter(2,200,000 Count), 0.0035% DC Voltage Accuracy, 10krdgs/s, USB, GPIB, RS232, LAN


  • Real 6½ digits reading resolution.
  • Minimum integration time: 0.006 PLC.
  • Dual display: synchronously display two kinds of characteristics of the same signal.
  • Switch between “Normal” and “Preset” operation modes. The “Preset” mode can quickly recall the preset configurations.
  • DC voltage measurement range: -1050 V to 1050 V.
  • DC current measurement range: -10.5 A to 10.5 A.
  • AC voltage measurement range: True-RMS, 0 V to 787.5 V.
  • AC current measurement range: True-RMS, 0 A to 10.5 A.
  • Resistance measurement range: 0 Ω to 110 M Ω; support 2-wire (2WR) and 4-wire (4WR) resistance measurements.
  • Capacitance measurement range: 0 F to 110 mF.
  • Frequency measurement range: 3 Hz to 1 MHz.
  • Continuity and Diode tests.
  • User-defined any sensor measurements and three types of temperature sensor measurements: TC, RTD and THERM.
  • Plenty of math operations such as STA (MAX, MIN, AVG, ALL), P/F, dBm, dB, REL as well as real-time tendency graph and histogram display functions.
  • Enable to store data and configuration in USB storage device.
  • Plenty of interfaces: USB Device, USB Host, GPIB, RS232 and LAN.
  • Support the command sets of RIGOL DM3068, Agilent 34401A (including some extensions) and Fluke 45.
  • Two power management modes: enable or disable the front panel power switch.
  • Enable to store 10 groups of system configurations and 5 groups of sensor configurations in internal memory and recall them when necessary.
  • Configuration clone: back up all the instrument configurations in a USB storage device or clone the configurations to other DM3068.
  • Provide English/Chinese menus and built-in help system.
  • Powerful remote control and any sensor editing software

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