Omicron Test Universe

PC software suite for advanced secondary testing

Test Universe is OMICRON’s comprehensive and easy-to-use testing software for the CMC device family. It allows you to combine a wealth of application-optimized test modules for creating flexible and fully automated test plans that provide you with an enormous range of functions. Test Universe’s main application area is parameter-based testing covering all generations of protection devices, including electromechanical protection and multifunctional IEDs in fully digitalized switchgear systems. Aside from protection devices, Test Universe can also test energy meters, PQ analyzers, electric transducers, voltage regulators, and many other devices with optimum efficiency.


  • One software package for an entire range of applications
  • Quick and easy manual testing
  • Fully automated testing for an efficient workflow
  • Optimized modules for special applications
  • Freely editable test templates for more than 400 protection relays
  • Flexible test plans for virtually every conceivable test case
  • Predefined test templates based on our extensive testing experience

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