Omicron SVScout

Software tool for visualizing IEC 61850 Sampled Values

SVScout is a measurement and testing tool for protection engineers and IED developers working with IEC 61850. SVScout can subscribe to the Sampled Values streams from one or multiple merging units and display the waveforms of the primary voltages and currents in an oscilloscope view. SVScout supports Sampled Values according to the implementation guideline of the UCA International Users Group with 80 or 256 samples per cycle as well as DataSets recommended in IEC 61869-9.

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Key features

  • Simultaneous investigation of multiple IEC 61850 Sampled Values streams
  • Support of established 9-2LE with 80 and 256 samples per cycle
  • Calculation of RMS values and phase angles (phasors)
  • Display of phasor diagram
  • Recording of Sampled Values in COMTRADE format
  • Play from capture
  • Printable reports summarizing the essential information from a measurement
  • Detailed information about a selected Sampled Values stream (zero crossings, individual values, etc.)


Omicron SVScout Datasheet