Magna-Power WRx Series

DC Electronics Loads, 12.5 kW, Up to 1000 VDC, Up to 130 ADC

Magna-Power’s WRx Series utilizes water-cooled heatsinks, in combination with the company’s patented Active Resistance Technology, to address high power DC electronic loading applications where exhaust heat control is essential. Compared to air-cooled alternatives, WRx Series greatly increases power density while using conventional water instead of expensive refrigerants. The integrated solenoid controls the flow of water to avoid condensation, and allows full power to be achieved without compromising performance or reliability. Magna-Power’s Active Resistance Technology utilizes a switched binary matrix of resistances and MOSFET network combined with MagnaLINK™ distributed DSP architecture to deliver the same features and performance as traditional electronic loads but at a fraction of their price. In addition to the 16-bit precision voltage, current, resistance, and power control modes, the WRx Series also provides a rheostat control mode, allowing direct control of the product’s internal resistance network.


  • 3 models
  • 12.5 kW power level
  • Up to 1000 Vdc input voltage
  • Up to 130 Adc input current
  • MagnaLINK™ Distributed DSP Architecture
  • 16-bit resolution
  • SCPI programming API
  • CE Mark
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

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