Magna Power TS Series

3U-16U Progammable DC Power Supply 5V-6KV, 1.2-8kA, 5KW-100KW

The TS Series offers many models across a wide voltage and current range that are still very energy efficient. The TS Series covers voltages from 5 Vdc up to 6000 Vdc (floating) and currents from 1.2 Adc up to 8000 Adc. Models 5 kW to 15 kW are available in a 3U chassis, models 20 kW and 25 kW are available in a 4U chassis, models 30 kW are available in a 6U chassis, models 40 kW and 50 kW are available in an 8U chassis with removable casters, models 75 kW models are available in a 12U chassis with removable casters, and 100 kW models are available in a 16U chassis with removable casters. In addition, there are several low-voltage high-current models that can help you get more power within your budget. All TS Series power supplies come standard with isolated 37-pin external I/O, RS232, Remote Interface Software, IVI drivers, and LabVIEW drivers for integration into practically any programming environment.


  • 275 models
  • 3U to 16U rack-mount
  • 5 kW to 100 kW power levels
  • 5 Vdc to 6000 Vdc output voltage
  • 0.8 Adc to 8000 Adc output current
  • SCPI Remote Programming API
  • High Accuracy Measurements
  • Programmable Protection Limits
  • NI LabVIEW™ and IVI Driver
  • Build-Time: 16-20 Weeks

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