Magna Power MT Series

DC Power Supply, 150KW to 3,000KW+, 32V to 6,000VDC, 25ADC to 24,000ADC

Our devices in this higher power class can handle up to 100 kW and 150 kW. Our IGBT-based MT Series units are among the largest standard switched-mode power supplies on the market. They minimize the number of switching components when compared to smaller module sizes. Scaling in the multi-megawatts is accomplished using the UID47 device, which provides master control: one power supply takes command over the remaining devices, for true system operation. As an added safety measure, all MT Series units include an input AC breaker rated for full power. 250 kW modules come standard with an embedded 12-pulse harmonic neutralizer, ensuring low total harmonic distortion (THD). Even higher quality AC waveforms are available with an external additional 500 kW 24-pulse or 1000 kW 48-pulse harmonic neutralizer, desig


• SCPI Remote Programming API
• High Accuracy Measurements
• Master-Slave Functionality
• Remote Sensing
• 37-Pin External User I/O
• RS232 Interface
• Ethernet and GPIB Available
• 0-10V External Analog Inputs
• Programmable Protection
• Fast Transient Response
• Remote Interface Software
• NI LabVIEW™ and IVI Driver
• Interlock Shutdown Input
• Designed and manufactured in
the USA

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