Insulation Resistance Tester

  • Output voltage setting range: -25 to -1000V
  • Resistance measurement range: 0.01MΩ to 5000MΩ
  • Provided with the discharge function
  • Equipped with the window comparator
  • Hold function (which holds the measured resistance at the end of testing while PASS judgment is being output)
  • Provided with the timer function
  • Rear output terminals
  • Measured-value monitoring terminals
  • Equipped with the panel memory (enabling 10 different settings to be stored)
  • Equipped with the SIGNAL I/O connector and remote control terminal
  • Equipped with the RS232C interface as standard

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The TOS7200 is a resistance tester that measures insulation resistance. It can be used on a wide range of electric and electronic components, as well as electric and electronic equipment. Its output voltage can be set at any value between -25V and -1,000V with a resolution of 1V. The TOS7200 conforms with the output characteristics of JIS C 1302-2002. It comes with a window comparator and timer function that makes it possible to efficiently conduct tests based on various safety standards. In addition, the product features panel memory as standard; this can be recalled by remote control, SIGNAL I/O connector and RS-232C interface for easy automatic testing system construction.


KIKUSUI TOS7200 Datasheet