Kikusui TOS5300 series

Hipot Test Instruments and Insulation Resistance Tests

The TOS5300 Series is a series of test instruments used in Hipot tests and insulation resistance tests, two of the four tests regarded as necessary for ensuring the safety of electrical products.

With an output of 5kV/100mA (AC) and 6kV/10mA (DC), the series can be used in Hipot & insulation resistance testing of electronic equipment and electronic parts, based on the requirements of IEC,EN,UL,VDE,JIS and other international safety standards as well as Japanese law on electrical appliances and materials.

The TOS5300 is also equipped with a number of features that are capable of meeting a variety of test needs. It is a new low-cost standard model that provides thorough operability, reliability and safety


  • AC Hipot 5KV/100mA
  • DC Hipot 6KV/Maximum output 50W (TOS5301)
  • IR 25V-1,000V, 500V or greater, up to 5.00GOhm

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