Complying with various safety standards for general electrical equipment, this tester is used for touch current and protective conductor current tests!

  • Capable of measuring leakage current in three modes
  • Eight built-in measurement circuit networks
  • Up to 30 mA for RMS measurement
  • Easy-to-understand operation
  • Enables the continuous execution of tests
  • Capable of saving test results
  • 51 types of standard test conditions are preset
  • Lets you manage the calibration time limit
  • USB interface provided as standard

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A leakage current tester has now been added to the TOS Series… Conforms to international standard IEC 60990 (“Methods of measurement of touch current and protective conductor current”).

The TOS3200 is designed to test for leakage current (touch current and protective conductor current) of general electrical apparatuses, excluding those used for medical purposes. This tester lets you conduct tests conforming to various standards including IEC, UL, JIS and Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law (Japan). You can set test conditions through simple operations on the panel because this tester holds in its memory 51 types of test conditions for IT-related electrical equipment, electrical appliances and audio/visual equipment according to IEC/JIS standards as well as Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law in Japan.


KIKUSUI TOS3200 Datasheet