Standalone Multi-Input 10 channels Datalogger

Main Features:
  • Wireless measurement using wireless LAN (option)
    >Wireless LAN option enables the wireless communication with other device.When the GL240 is set as a station, PC and smart devices will be able to access the WLAN unit directly.
  • Combining GL100-WL and GL240
    >GL100-WL cab now be connected to the GL240 as a remote sensor using the WLAN feature.GL240 supports 1 unit of the GL100-WL.
  • All channel isolated/Universal input, Standalone Multi-Channel
    >Its compact size contains an isolated input system which ensures that signals are not corrupted by inputs to other channels.
  • Maximum sampling interval of up to 10ms
    >Provides faster sampling rate 10ms for voltage measurement.
  • Built-in 4GB Flash memory with SD card support
    >The new GL series enables reliable long term measurment with its built-in 4GB flash memory and SD card slot for external storage devices.

Graphtec GL240 Comes Standard with:

  • 4.3 inch wide TFT color LCD screen

  • Three types of power source: AC, DC (B-514)*, rechargeable battery pack (B-569)*

  • Extended memory capacity using SD cards (SDHC compatible up to 32GB)*

  • Max sampling interval up to 10ms/1 ch. 100ms for all 10 channels

  • All channels isolated

  • Alarm output ports up to 4 channels

  • Logic/Pulse signal input port up to 4 channels

  • Flexible input system for voltage, temp, humidity, pulse and logic signals

  • Smartphone, remote access monitoring capability

  • Wireless LAN using optional* WLAN Unit B-568 for remote monitoring and data logging

       *Optional accessories not included

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GL240 is a 10-channel comprehensive data logger that accepts voltage, temperature, humidity and pulse signals. Channel-to-channel isolation means wiring errors or overloaded channels do not affect neighboring channels and we focus our effort on providing you accurate data you can count on.


GRAPHTEC GL240 Datasheet