Sun Tracker - High torque and load (60Nm/60Kg), Harmonic Drive® technology

The STR-32G Sun Tracker is the same size as other STR series sun trackers, but it can tackle higher torque and four times the load without compromising precision and performance.
The heavy-duty Sun Tracker STR-32G completes the extensive EKO Sun Tracker range and is capable of taking the highest load without compromising precision or performance. Similar to the STR-21G/22G, it features a fully automated set-up procedure through a GPS receiver, providing increased reliability and enhanced functionality. The TRP-100 tripod is an optional extra, and can be powered by a solar-powered battery system or DC power supply. A wide range of AC power adapters can be supplied to connect to the grid. For over 20 years, clients who have deployed STR sun-trackers have enjoyed easy set-up, smooth operation and reliable tracking.


  • High torque and load (60N⋅m/60kg)
  • Power consumption less than 20W
  • RS-232 serial interface for position control
  • All-Weather Tracking with Integrated GPS Receiver & 4-Quadrant Sun Sensor
  • Quick, Easy, Fully Automated Setup
  • Easy Integration with any DAQ system
  • Harmonic Drive® mechanical gear system, for maximum positioning accuracy
  • Deployed in Antarctica, proven in extreme climates worldwide

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