Ametek VS-SECM (

DC and AC) Scanning Electrochemical Microscope - Combines accuracy of position and measurement for high-resolution localized electrochemistry

The VersaSCAN Scanning Electrochemical Workstation is a platform for performing electrochemical measurements. This system integrates positioning technology and measurement instruments to provide local information. Traditional electrolysis experiments measure an average response over the entire electrode and electrolyte interface. Samples are rarely homogenous; they often consist of local sites of passivate or active nature, as well as sites of anodic or cathodic character. This need to investigate localized phenomenon led to the emergence of scanning probe electrochemistry.

VersaSCAN uses piezoelectric motors to drive the stages on all axes. Piezo materials are high-precision, accurate and repeatable but over small distances. We use them to drive stages; therefore we reach a combination of scan area and scan resolution that is unmatched by other AFMs. Other AFM designs don’t move with the same resolution. Our service includes installing your instrumentation, assembling it on site, leveling it with precision bubble levels, testing it on a sample to verify performance and training you in how to use it.



  • Most popular technique of VersaSCAN Scanning Electrochemical Workstation
  • SECM controls and monitors electrochemistry at a sample and probe with 2-channel potentiostat
  • Low Current Interface provides improved current measurement and ultimate resolution
  • Includes AC-SECM technique
  • Optional STYLUS as a soft probe for constant-distance imaging and biological applications


 Specifications  VersaSCAN Base (VS-BASE)
Positioning System Range X-axis:  100 mm
Y-axis:  100 mm
Z-axis:  100 mm
Positioning Motor Technology X-axis:  Piezoelectric motors,
no stepper-motor
Y-axis:  Piezoelectric motors,
no stepper-motor
Z-axis:  Piezoelectric motors,
no stepper-motor

SECM Measurement Technology

 Specifications  VersaSTAT3 VersaSTAT3F
Max Current Output ±2 A (standard)
up to ±20 A
±2 A (standard)
up to ±20 A
Compliance Voltage  ±12 V  ±12 V
EIS Capability  1 MHz, Option  1 MHz, Option
Min Current Range  ± 200 nA
(6 pA resolution)
down to ±4 pA
(122 aA)
 ± 4 nA
(122 fA resolution)
down to ±4 pA
(122 aA)
E and I Filters  200 kHz to 1 kHz,
including None
 200 kHz to 1 Hz,
including None
Grounding  Grounded, Earthed  Floating, Isolated



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