AMETEK SI PARSTAT 3000A-DX Bipotentiostat

PARSTAT3000A-DX is the industry-leading bipotentiostat with EIS

The PARSTAT Single Channel Family includes two potentiostats, the PARSTAT4000A and PARSTAT3000A. These potentiostats offer superior performance as standard. Both of these single channel potentiostats work in VersaStudio software with all techniques available, including Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy up to high frequency. The PARSTAT4000A provides high compliance voltage and improved voltage accuracy; while the PARSTAT3000A provides 6-WIRE measurement and high polarization voltage.


  • Bipotentiostat with hardware synchronization provides the best coordination for RRDE experiments for Fuel Cell Catalyst evaluation.
  • 2 high performance, independent potentiostats with EIS in a single chassis
  • Combines high voltage channel (30 Volts) and high current channel (2 Amps) for application flexibility
  • Easy-to-use VersaStudio software included


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PARSTAT 3000A-DX Bipotentiostat Datasheet
PARSTAT 3000A DX Brochure US Letter
PARSTAT 3000A DX Brochure A4