MC Multichannel Potentiostat - For more current, voltage, resolution and throughput.

The PARSTAT MC (PMC) Family is a group of potentiostats that offer superior performance as standard. These models complement each other. Both of these single channel potentiostats operate in VersaStudio software with all techniques available, including Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy up to high frequency. The PMC-1000 provides high current and wide dynamic current range; the PMC-2000A provides 6-wire measurement and high polarization voltage; and the PMC-200 provides high throughput with 2 potentiostats per module and high resolution.



  • PMC Chassis supports multiple models and up to 20 channels with its unique design with data buffer, hot-swappable and user replaceable functional blocks.
  • Model PMC-1000 provides current at ±2A to ±4 nA range, 1.2 fA and expandable (±30A to ±4 pA, 122 aA)
  • Model PMC-2000A provides 6-WIRE measurement for Anode/Cathode Impedance, voltage to ± 30V, and EIS to 7 MHz.
  • Model PMC-200 provides 2-potentiostats per card, 24-bit resolution, new processor and design for faster experiments.
  • Model BOOSTER P10A/6V can boost current to 10A and in parallel up to 30A.
  • Easy-to-use VersaStudio software included.


  • Provides power, communication and thermal dissipation to different potentiostat, galvanostat and booster models
  • Constructed completely of user-replaceable functional blocks: power supply, backplane, and fans
  • Designed with footprint in mind, maximizes valuable bench space and fits within a standard rack
  • Uses on-board buffering for intelligent data transfer; protects against communication interruptions while allowing for high-speed data acquisition experiments
  • Maintains electrical isolation of each channel, allowing control of multiple working electrodes; asynchronous experiments will not impact each other
  • Manages installation and removal of channels without interrupting ongoing experiments
  • Houses up to 20 potentiostats, offering more throughput than any multichannel potentiostat on the market










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