Ametek – PARSTAT 4000A

Potentiostat Galvanostat - Industry-leading voltage accuracy and dynamic current range, standard

The PARSTAT4000A and PARSTAT3000A are potentiostats that offer superior performance as standard. Both of these single channel potentiostats operate in VersaStudio software with all techniques available, including Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy up to high frequency. The PARSTAT4000A provides high compliance voltage and improved voltage accuracy; the PARSTAT3000A provides 6-wire measurement and high polarization voltage.



  • Highest degree of DC Voltage Accuracy. Measure a 4.3V battery 4x more accurately.
  • Wide dynamic current range both standard (±4A to ±40 pA range, 1.2 fA) and expandable (±20A to ±4 pA, 122 aA)
  • New Stability Modes expand compatibility with a range of cells and samples.
  • Improved implementation of EIS technique including advanced calibration, faster duration, new algorithms and increased bandwidth
  • Easy-to-use VersaStudio software included.
 Options  20A/PARSTAT4000
High Current Option
Low Current Option
Current Extension Up to ± 20A Down to ±80 pA Current Range
(122 aA) Resolution
Upgradeability Yes, Return to Factory Yes, Plug-and-Play
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