Ametek EchemLab XM Potentiostat Galvanostat

Specific XM product focused on high-voltage applications of physical electrochemistry and corrosion

The Apps-XM Series is a family of instruments built on the technology of the ModuLab XM platform. Specific combinations of options, such as frequency response analyzers (FRA),current boosters, voltage boosters, are popular when the ModuLab XM is configured for given applications. We combine our design knowledge and industry experience to create a line of products with an application focus. These instruments have a smaller footprint to occupy less bench space, which makes them ideal for use in research labs or work environments where space is limited. Each of these models in the Apps-XM Series combine a potentiostat, frequency response analyzer, auxiliary voltage inputs. These provide the highest accuracy AC techniques for EIS across entire frequency range – single-sine, multisine, harmonics and intermodulation spectra – with results that are highly repeatable sub 100 μΩ measurements for the most demanding applications.



  • Supplied internal capability to ± 100 V polarization
  • Supplied four (4) auxiliary differential voltage inputs for DC or EIS analysis of cells in a stack
  • XM-Studio software is included with all Apps-XM Series systems
  • EchemLab XM’s impedance accuracy contour plot highlights Solartron’s best in class measurement performance.



Specifications  ModuLab XM ECS EnergyLab XM EchemLab XM
Polarization, Compliance Voltage ±8 V up to ± 100 V ± 8V ±100 V
Max Current Output ± 300 mA up to ± 100 A ± 2 A up to ± 100 A ± 300 mA up to ± 100 A
Min Current Range ± 30 nA
(1.5 pA resolution)
to ± 30 pA (1.5 fA)
± 30 nA
(1.5 pA resolution)
± 30 nA
(1.5 pA resolution)
Advanced EIS Functions
Accuracy to sub 100 µΩ
Auxiliary Voltage Inputs
Multi-Sine (improved speed)
Harmonic Analysis (cell linearity)
Integrated EIS Modeling
 With all FRA Modules Standard


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