Ametek/Solartron 1260A

Frequency Response Analyzer 32 MHz to 10 µHz

Frequency Response Analyzers measure the output spectrum of a system relative to a stimulus, and are used to characterize the dynamics of the system under test. The technique measures the magnitude and phase relationship between output and input waveforms as a function of frequency. The input signals may come from any number of sensors, including acoustic (microphones/sonar), mechanical (accelerometers/displacement transducers), optical (photodetectors), and electrical (amplifiers). Applications that make use of this powerful technique include – electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), materials analysis, aerospace control system design, electronic amplifier design, power supply design, vibration analysis.



  • Most referenced, most cited, most popular Impedance Analyzer available
  • Wide frequency range from 32 MHz to 10 µHz (more that 12 decades) for solid state materials
  • Impedance range from 100 mOhm to 100 TOhm, with the 1296A Dielectric Interface
  • Able to perform DC potentiotstatic and galvanostatic experiments with 1287A Electrochemical Interface
  • Controlled by SMaRT software and optionally with ZPLOT
  • 1260A Impedance Analyzer accuracy contour plot highlights Solartron’s best in class measurement performance.




Frequency Range 32 MHz – 10 µHz 1 MHz – 10 µHz 65 kHz – 10 µHz  20 kHz – 10 µHz
Generator Voltage and Current Voltage Voltage Voltage 
Waveforms Sine Sine Sine, Square, Triangle Sine, Square, Triangle 
Voltage Generator      
Maximum Applied AC Voltage 3 V RMS (≤10 MHz)
1 V RMS (>10 MHz 
3 V RMS  10 V RMS  10 V RMS 
Maximum Applied DC Voltage  ±40.95 V ±40.95 V   ±10.22 V  ±10.22 V
Measurement Capability        
Number of Measurement Channels 1 Current, 2 Voltage  2 Voltage   2 Voltage 2 Voltage 
Simultaneous Channel Measurement Yes Yes Yes Multiplexed 
Harmonic Analysis  No No Yes Yes
Voltage Measurement        
Best Transfer Function Accuracy 0.2%, 0.2⁰   0.2%, 0.2⁰ 0.2%, 0.2⁰  1%, 1⁰ 
Input Protected (Maximum) 46 V   46 V 500 V peak   500 V peak
Voltage Ranges  30 mV, 300 mV, 3 V  30 mV, 300 mV, 3 V             30 mV, 300 mV, 3 V,


            30V, 300V

30 mV, 300 mV, 3 V,
30V, 300V 
Maximum Measured Voltage 5 V peak   5 V peak 500 V peak  500 V peak 
 Unique Features  Current Generator to

60 mA rms (≤10 MHz)
20 mA rms (>10 MHz)
± 100 mA

Current Measurement to
100 mA peak


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