ZES Zimmer LMG671

1 to 7 Channel Power Analyzer

LMG671 – Power Analysis²

One-shot Results for Narrowband, Full Spectrum and Harmonics


Measurement Channels

        •   Outstanding accuracy of 0.015% of measured value + 0.01% of range

  • Full dynamic range of 500 µA to 32 A / 3 mV to 1000 V per channel available in single instrument
  • Power measurements from standby to full load (max. 32 A) without mechanical changes
  • Analog bandwidth DC up to 10 MHz
  • Modular configuration with 1 to 7 power measurement channels (alternatively 6 channels + 1 I/O card)
  • Gapless sampling up to 18 bit and a minimal cycle time of 10 ms
  • Delay time between V and I input < 3ns, very precise measurements at small power factors (PF) and/or
    high frequencies

•   Simultaneous measurement of narrow- and broadband values through innovative DualPath architecture

  • Simultaneous capturing of fundamental frequency and broadband RMS values for instantaneous detection of losses, resp. high-frequency components
  • Harmonics and interharmonics up to 2000. order, as required by EN61000-4-7
  • With optional I/O card speed/torque inputs freely configurable for all signal types (analogue, frequency as RS422,TTL or HTL) via menu
  • Flexible scripting tool for custom applications
  • Simultaneous measurement of V, I, P values and harmonics, presentation in tabular or graphical form
  • Signal filters freely configurable by frequency, type and characteristics
  • Synchronization to up to 7 different frequencies simultaneously
  • Flicker measurement, interactions between grid and appliance according to EN61000-4-15

        •   Large and clearly arranged 10,1″ touchscreen GUI for intuitive handling

  • All instrument features displayed, identical look-and-feel for local and remote operation for quick and easy familiarization

Memory and Interfaces

  • Internal storage of long-term measurements even with shortest cycle-time thanks to integrated mass storage device
  • Excellent connectivity via USB3.0, Gbit-LAN, RS-232 and DVI


  • Convenient “plug-and-measure” through automated sensor detection
  • no external sensor power supply required
  • 12 months guaranteed calibration interval for minimal service cost and optimal availability
  • Calibration certificate included free-of-charge in first delivery
  • 24 months warranty

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LMG671 – Power Analysis

One-shot Results for Narrowband, Full Spectrum and Harmonics.

ZES ZIMMER’s mission has always been to find the most precise and reliable way to measure electric power, efficiencies and losses for single and multi-phase applications. Since the company’s establishment in 1980, we design and manufacture precision power analyzers at our company’s headquarter near Frankfurt, Germany, and ship them to customers all around the globe. The electric and electronics industry uses our LMG power analyzers in R&D and for quality assurance, test labs employ them to guarantee compliance with standards, and universities rely on them to train future generations of engineers and scientists. Our clients’ experience in their own applications helps us make sure every new product is even better than the previous one—making our users’ life easier, solving their problems faster, better, and in a more convenient way.


ZES Zimmer LMG671 Series DataSheet