ZENONE AL3000 Series

Fast DC power supplies high performance 5KW up to 500KW with parallel option up to over 4MW

Fast power supplies AL3000 series are robust, economical and easy to use equipment developed for intensive use on production lines. They are ideal for research and development laboratories. Due to their high switching frequency joined to the multilevel switching technology, they provide a clean DC source in low ripple with short reaction times and a high conversion efficiency. The power range from 5KW up to 500KW with parallel option up to over 4MW with a range of voltages from 10V up to 1000V. The operating modes provide constant voltage CV, constant current CC, constant power and internal resistance simulation. CP models provide output in constant power supplying twice the current in the mid voltage to ensure maximum adaptation to the load. Equipped with a modern user interface which makes setup and parameter readings very intuitive. They are realized in table rack (low powers), in wheeled cabinet (medium powers) or cabinet.


  • powers from 5KW up to 500KW
  • voltages from 10 up to 1000V
  • connectable in parallel over 4MW
  • rise/fall time down to 500 µS
  • reduced sizes and high performance
  • modular execution
  • constant power models
  • overload capacity up to 200% for 1

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