ECG Simulator for ECG Performance Testing with Touch-Screen

The ECG simulator designed for ECG performance testing can add noise, respiration and lead-off simulations. It has flexible operation modes for standalone or PC software use. The ECG simulator is compliant with IEC60601-2-25, IEC60601-2-27, IEC60601-2-47, YY1079, YY1139, YY0782, YY0885, JJG760, JJG1041 and JJG1042 standards.

  • Built-in test circuits as defined in ECG standards
  • Adjustable parameters and selectable options enable to verify DUT with flexibility
  • Multiple noise simulations - Electrode Motion Artifact / Muscle Noise / Baseline Wander
  • Various signal simulations - Impedance Type Respiration, Wave Modulation Type (Baseline / Amplitude / Frequency) Respiration and lead-off simulation
  • Auto-sequence function assists in conducting semi-automated tests
  • Load and play recorded or programmed waveforms
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) allows to develop customized or automated test software with less efforts
  • Optional Standard Assistant software pack simplifies the medical standard with test sequences, options, parameters and pass criterions

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