WHALETEQ Transmittance SpO2 Module


  • Works with the AECG100 main console and software to test heart rate, PPG, PWTT, and SpO2 functions
  • Adjustable SpO2 parameters, such as AC, DC, and PI values ​​of R/IR, to confirm the accuracy of oximeters
  • Exclusive Auto Test SpO2 Mode - automatically calculates the DUT’s DC value of R/IR and fills in the SpO2 table to rapidly build the R curve, bringing convenience for testing the consistency of quality on oximeters*
  • Built-in 6 transmission rates - simulates 5 finger types varying in color brightness and thickness, and neonatal foot test mode for measuring newborns to optimize algorithms
  • Built-in 7 types of noise, 14 types of ambient light signals, and respiratory variation simulation - add-on signals for more authentic testing
  • Adjustable PPG waveform parameters (R/IR amplitude, time, and heart rate) in a wide range and precise values for flexible test settings
  • Equipped with Auto Sequence function - sorts the parameters of different test items into a designated order for automated testing while eliminating the need to develop automated testing programs
  • Raw data playback - plays recorded raw data or customized waveforms for repeated verification to facilitate the development process
  • Provides SDK supporting multiplatform for users to flexibly develop automated testing programs
  • Equipped with MCX to BNC ports to connect to an oscilloscope - outputs amplified and stable signals for viewing the voltage of AC analog signals of R/IR, optical signals received by the PPG-2TF-660, and the switch status of R/IR LED of oximeter

*Note: This mode is mainly for developers to quickly test for reference, not for after-sales calibration and testing on oximeters. If users require development tests on SpO2 parameters and specifications, please use the SpO2 Mode.

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The AECG100 main console and software work with this transmittance SpO2 performance tester to test heart rate and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2). This dual-channel optical module outputs R and IR analog signals and is suitable for the development of transmittance PPG products such as finger clip oximeters and patient monitors.


WHALETEQ PPG-2TF-660 Datasheet