Viavi ALT-9000

Radio Altimeter Test Set - Quickly test or troubleshoot all types of radio altimeter test systems.

The ALT-9000 is a test set for radio altimeter systems. It can model true RF delays and losses, and it features an intuitive graphical interface that displays parametric measurements such as TX power, TX frequency, FM deviation, sweep rate and pulse width.


  • Fiber optic delay line based test set supports all formats of radio altimeters
  • Portable ruggedized enclosure for flight line or benchtop use
  • Battery operated
  • Simulates static altitudes from 0* ft. to 10,000 ft. in 10 ft. steps (*minimum simulated altitude dependent upon AID and test cable length)
  • +20 dB of power level offset from nominal loop loss value
  • Touch-screen operation
  • Direct-connect to UUT T/R or installed system via antenna couplers

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