Sonel PAT-10

Portable Compact Appliance Tester 200mA, 10A

The PAT-10 meter is a small, lightweight and portable electrical testing tool that allows you to test electrical equipment and extension cords in the workplace. It is specially designed to be easy to use, with simple controls and displays. The PAT-10 meter can test both live circuits and concealed cables (including those protected by trip circuit breakers). It allows basic tests to be performed without an external power supply: simplified test sets are available in battery operation mode when an external power supply is unavailable. PAT instruments are equipped with a manual measurement mode. It is useful in situations where a unit test is sufficient instead of a complex measurement procedure. You can configure your meter to suit your needs, making it easier to use over time.

  • LED test results indication
  • quick access to the measurement procedures
  • compact design and ergonomic soft case
  • automatic measurement range selection
  • measurement of protective conductor resistance with the currents: 200 mA, 10 A
  • insulation resistance measurement 250 V, 500 V
  • PRCD trip time testin
  • measurement of equivalent, touch and differential leakage current
  • measurement of mains voltage
  • IEC lead test
  • saving results to the memory
  • printing labels with measurement results (option)
  • works with software: Sonel Reader and Sonel PAT Analysis
  • works with Sonel PAT Analysis Mobile application

4,000.00 VAT not included

In Stock

In Stock

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