Sonel MZC-20E

Simple and ergonomic short circuit loop impedance meter.

  • Fault loop impedance measurement with 0.01 Ω resolution.
  • Operates in networks with voltages 220/380 V, 230/400 V, 240/415 V (operating range 180…440 V).
  • Operating frequency 45…65 Hz
  • Calculation of Ik fault current.
  • Automatic differentiation between phase and phase-to-phase voltage.
  • Possibility of applying test leads: 1.2 m, 5 m and longer.
  • Measurement with swapped L and N conductors.
  • Measurement of resistance (RS) and reactance (XS) components.

1,300.00 VAT not included

המלאי אזל

המלאי אזל

The small MZC-20E meter allows for precise measurement of short circuit loop impedance in networks of different voltage ratings. With the use of this instrument, it is possible to test network voltage up to 440 V. The device is especially useful for installers and measuring engineers providing services in single- and multi-family buildings, office buildings, industrial plants and other buildings and facilities equipped with low-voltage electrical installations. The MZC-20E meter is also perfect for electrical maintenance services. Regardless of the area of application, in each case it guarantees smooth operation and high accuracy of the results obtained. A further advantage of this tool is its ability to operate in adverse environmental conditions, which is made possible by its very robust casing. Despite its compact dimensions, the meter performs its role flawlessly and serves well wherever precise and instant measurements are required.

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