Sonel CMP-200F AC current fork clamp meter

Fork clamp meter

The Sonel CMP-200F is an innovative clamp meter that combines speed and versatility. It includes many useful features such as built-in flashlight, MAX/MIN reading, automatic voltage measurement and more. The CMP-200F is perfect for areas where it is difficult to work with a traditional clamp meter such as in narrow switchgear. Open measuring clamps make measurements faster and easier. LowZ function eliminates ghost voltage interference and ensures accurate readings. The display is always illuminated so you can read the meter clearly even in dark places or on sunny days when other meters’ screens fail to illuminate properly.

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In Stock

Sonel CMP-200F AC current fork meter
The CMP-200F meter is a modern measuring instrument with a sleek design and simple, intuitive interface. Operating the device is quick and uncomplicated. Compact dimensions go hand in hand with extensive measuring capabilities, fast measurement speeds, and ergonomics–all at an attractive price. The instrument provides many practical functions and is extremely versatile in nature. It includes functions such as: reading of extreme MAX and MIN values, automatic measurement of AC/DC voltages, torch function and others. Due to its compact dimensions and open clamps, measurements are quicker and easier than ever before. The LowZ function will ensure correct readings even when spectral voltage phenomenon occurs; this is especially useful for people working in facilities where spectral voltage phenomenon may occur frequently. A further advantage is the continuously backlit display; this provides excellent readability regardless of lighting conditions.


Sonel CMP-200F Datasheet