Sonel CMP-1010

1,000A AC/DC Digital clamp meter

The Sonel CMP-1010 is a comprehensive meter capable of measuring both AC and DC current, as well as AC and DC voltage, among other parameters. Specifically designed for precise measurements downstream of frequency converters, this versatile device offers various measurement options, including low-impedance voltage measurement (Low Z).

Additionally, the built-in flashlight ensures that low-light conditions in the workplace are not a hindrance, enhancing the meter’s practicality and usability.

Cutting-edge Clamp Design

Featuring an innovative shape for enhanced accessibility in challenging and confined spaces, this modern clamp is equipped with a contactless voltage indicator sensor on its edging.

Optimal Visibility

Workplace darkness is effectively addressed by the built-in flashlight, ensuring visibility in any conditions.

Versatile Functionality

This device stands out for its versatility, offering a multitude of measurement options. In addition to fundamental measurements, the instrument boasts special functions such as inrush current (INRUSH), max/min peak values (Peak MAX/Peak MIN), relative value (REL), and low-impedance voltage measurement (Low Z).

Sturdy Construction

Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, this compact instrument is engineered for durability in the harshest conditions. The rubber housing acts as a protective shield against accidental damage.

Precision in Converter Measurements

Facilitating precise measurements downstream of frequency converters, the meter incorporates a VFD function for optimal performance in various applications.


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