Rigol DM3058 Digital Multimeter

5 1/2 Digital Multimeter(240,000 Count), 0.015% DC Voltage Accuracy, Communication of USB, RS232, LAN

  • Real 5½ digits resolution.
  • Three measurement speeds: 2.5 reading/s, 20 reading/s and 123 reading/s.
  • Double Display function enables to display two types of characteristic for one signal synchronously.
  • Two operation modes: Preset and Ordinary. Preset mode is able to store configuration quickly.
  • DC Voltage Range between 200mV and 1000V.
  • DC Current Range between 200μA and 10A.
  • True-RMS, AC Voltage Range between 200mV and 750V.
  • True-RMS, AC Voltage Current between 20mA and 10A.
  • Resistance Range between 200Ω and 100MΩ for 2&4-Wire ResistanceMeasurement.
  • Capacitance Range between 2nF and 10000μF.
  • Frequency Range between 20Hz and 1MHz.
  • Continuity and Diode Test.
  • Sensor Measurement function, Built-in Thermocouple compensate in Cold Terminal.
  • Abundant Math operations: Max, Min, Average, P/F, dBm, dB, RelativeMeasurement, Standard Deviation and Histogram.
  • Support the storage of data and configuration via USB flash device.
  • Support USB, GPIB, RS-232 and LAN interfaces. Support USB-TMC, IEEE 488.2 standard, LXI-C class standard and SCPI language.
  • In possession of compatible commands with both Agilent 34401A and Fluke 45.
  • Record and save the history measurement results.
  • Three kinds of management for Power Supply: PwrOn, Default and Switch.
  • Enable to store 10 groups of system configurations in the internal memory and recall them when required.
  • Backup or “Clone” all the configurations within instrument into other DM3058/DM3058E via USB flash device.
  • Chinese and English menu and online help system.
  • Provides with control software on PC and application software for sensor.

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In Stock

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The DM3058/E Series is an economical 5.5-digit digital multimeter that provides USB, GPIB and LAN interfaces. It is designed for the test requirements of high accuracy and multi-function measurement. This meter integrates automatic measurement, multiple mathematical transformations and any sensor measurement functions.


Rigol DM3058 Digital Multimeter Datasheet