Pacific Power AZX Series

The AZX Series provides full regenerative 4-Quadrant operation in AC, DC or AC+DC Mode of operation. Available in with power levels from 30kVA to 440kVA

The AZX Series now consists of six different models ranging in power from 30kVA/kW to 220kVA/kW.

The AZX Series uses advanced Silicon Carbide (SiC) power devices to support superior specifications with respect to voltage range, current power. Available AC output voltages are now 225VLN / 390VLL and 440VLN / 760VLL. DC output voltages are ±335Vdc and ±650Vdc. The AZX Series offers a class-leading 1Hz to 1,000Hz AC frequency range, which is higher than most regenerative AC power sources that tend to be limited to 100Hz or less. It can source or sink both AC and DC power and return energy back to the grid, allowing it to support the development and testing of gird-connected energy producers like Solar or Wind Inverters as well as Vehicle to Grid (V2G) and Vehicle to Home (V2H) electric vehicle chargers and Energy Storage Systems (ESS). For DC battery testing, 1000Vdc or 1300Vdc bipolar output voltage is available.

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Pacific Power AZX Series DataSheet

Key Features

  • Fully Regenerative Operation with energy recovery to the AC grid
  • Voltage Source and Current Source modes standard
  • Add Electronic Load (option L) to support Regenerative AC or DC Load Applications
  • Source and Sink full Power and Current
  • AC Mode, DC Mode, AC+DC Mode
  • DC, 1 to 15Hz, 15 to 1,000 Hz Frequency Ranges
  • Dual Constant Power mode AC Voltage Ranges 0~225V L-N and 0~440V L-N
  • Dual Constant Power mode DC Voltage Ranges 0~335V L-N and 0~650V L-N
  • Full power available in both AC and DC Modes
  • Precision True-RMS metering of Volts, Amps, Power, VA, Power Factor and Crest Factor
  • Waveform capture scope function for voltage and current on all phases
  • Harmonic measurement for voltage and current on all phases
  • Extensive Analog and Digital I/O for ATE and system integration
  • Option H adds fast responding analog I/O controls for PHIL application support
  • Available PPSC Manager Windows graphical user interface
  • Also compatible with legacy UPC Studio graphical user interface
  • 1, 2 or 3 Phase Selectable Output from front panel or bus command
  • Special 2 or 3 independent outputs settable to different modes (Voltage or Current Source or ELoad)
  • Sine, Square, Triangle, THD and Arbitrary waveforms
  • 3 Phase AC input with Active PFC, selectable input voltage
  • 200 stored programs for both static and dynamic Transient Testing
  • LIST, PULSE and STEP Transient Modes
  • Continuous Self Calibration (CSC)
  • Precision Voltage Programming – 0.02% with CSC engaged in AC and DC modes
  • Standard Models in Power Levels from 30 kVA to 220 kVA. Contact us for higher power.
  • Standard RS-232, USB, GPIB and Ethernet Interface with SCPI compatibility
  • LXI Compliant LAN/Ethernet with embedded web server
  • IVI Instruments drivers
  • CE (EMC/Safety) Marked