Neware BTS4000 SERIES

Battery cyclers/analyzers/tester offers a range of 1mA up to 3000A.

The Neware BTS4000 5V series battery tester offers a range of 1mA up to 3000A. It’s ideal for testing coin cells, pouch cells, cylinder(18650, 26650, 27710) and even paralleled battery modules and packs. For all the BTS4000 testers lower or equal to 30W(5V6A or 10V3A), the accuracy is 0.05%FS. And for all the BTS4000 testers higher than 30W, the accuracy is 0.1%FS.


Triple Range has significantly improved the accuracy of Neware BTS4000 series battery testers, and more importantly, it made constant voltage discharge (CVD) function a reality. Meanwhile, it also helps customers save money. There are 5V 10mA/50mA/6A/12A available now and more models coming soon.

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