Merytronic MRT-700

Underground cable and pipe locator and tracer

The MRT-700 device is an incredibly versatile tool for anyone involved in the maintenance, construction, or management of underground infrastructure. The MRT-700 have a wide range of capabilities that would make it invaluable in various applications. Here’s a breakdown of how the MRT-700 can benefit different sectors:4

  1. Energized and De-energized Cable Tracing: The ability to detect both energized and de-energized cables ensures that it can be used in any operational state, which is essential for maintenance teams that need to work on live networks as well as those that are currently powered down.
  2. Versatility Across Voltage Levels: Being effective for low, medium, and high voltage lines expands its use across different types of electrical networks, from urban distribution to high-load industrial environments.
  3. Pipe Locating: The capability to locate metallic and non-metallic pipelines broadens its use not only in electrical utilities but also in water, gas, and other fluid transport industries. This is particularly beneficial for integrated utility companies or contractors involved in multi-utility installations.
  4. Additional Functionalities:
    • Cable Identifier: This function can help distinguish between different cables, which is critical during excavation or when multiple cables are present in the same trench.
    • Fault Locator: This is vital for quick restoration in case of failures, minimizing downtime and improving reliability and customer satisfaction.
    • Digitization of Networks: The ability to digitize underground networks is extremely useful for creating or updating GIS (Geographical Information Systems), which helps in planning, management, and documentation of the infrastructure.

These features make the MRT-700 an essential tool for contractors, maintenance departments, and civil works operations, enhancing safety, efficiency, and accuracy in field operations. If you’re considering this technology for your operations or need further details on how it can be integrated into your current systems, exploring more technical specifications, user testimonials, or live demonstrations could be beneficial.

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