Laversab Model 6300

RVSM Automated Pitot Static Tester (Most Versatile 2-Ch Tester)

The Model 6300 is a versatile RVSM Pitot Static Tester that can be used on general aviation aircraft, business jets, and commercial aircraft. It can be used to perform leak-checks and accuracy checks on the Pitot Static systems of RVSM aircraft up to 690 knots & 60,000 ft. Accuracy checks are typically performed on altimeters, airspeed indicators and VSI’s. The Model 6300 has a removable 8-hour battery (optional), wide operating temperature (optional), and profiles to accelerate testing. Calibration is required only once a year. It can be controlled by an iPad or other tablets.


  • RVSM & Automated operation Simply enter the target set-points for altitude and airspeed and the unit automatically achieves the targets, ramping at the programmed rates. Control at the set-point is stable within ± 1 foot and ± 0.1 knot. This RVSM tester’s low price makes it very affordable.
  • WiFi-enabled.
  • Calibration period:1 year.
  • Programmable limits User-programmable limits for altitude, airspeed, Mach, VSI and airspeed-rate provide protection to the aircraft.
  • Negative-airspeed protection An internal differential-pressure relief valve provides protection against negative airspeed.
  • Removable Battery (Optional)The removable battery allows for 6 to 8 hours of continuous operation. Re-charge time is only 8 hours.
  • Low-temperature operation (optional)With optional internal heaters, the unit can be operated down to -40°C.
  • “Jog” and “Hold” features Set-points can be “jogged” up or down in small increments. Ramping to a set-point can be put on “hold” and controlled at the current measured value.
  • “Ground” featureBrings Pitot and Static outputs to ambient “ground” pressure after completing a test. Ambient pressure is constantly monitored.
  • “Profiles” feature A profile of set-points can be downloaded from a PC, allowing the user to step through the set-points using a single key. Each profile can have up to 50 set-points and 15 profiles can be stored in the unit.
  • Leak checks Pitot and Static leak-checks can be performed either independently or simultaneously. Three leak-timers can be programmed to perform timed leaks between 1 to 20 minutes. The display of “instant” leak rates provides immediate feedback to the user.
  • Pressure & Vacuum sourceBuilt-in diaphragm pumps provide the pressure and vacuum source for the unit.
  • Remote unit The Remote unit is the operator interface for the tester. It features a sunlight-readable 5.8” color display, a back-lit keypad and a touch-screen (which can be disabled). All operations are performed from a single screen which displays all pertinent parameters.
  • Manual Vent Valves On loss of power, the unit maintains pressure. The unit can be manually vented to “Ground” at a controlled rate using precision metering valves. Applications



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