Kikusui PWR-01 Series 1200W model

DC Power Supply, 1,200W, 0-40V/0-120A, 0-80V/0-60A, 0-650V/0-5.55A,

The PWR-01 series is a high-performance multifunctional compact wide-range DC power supply that has 4 maximum voltage outputs (L, ML, MH, and H) and 4 maximum power outputs (400 W, 800 W, 1200W and 2000 W). The PWR-01 series consists of 16 models in total. It has LAN (LXI), USB, and RS232C as standard interfaces that are essential for system integration. It is also equipped with front-facing output terminals, variable internal resistance, bleeder ON/OFF functions, a CC/CV priority switching function, synchronized operation, various protections and programmable internal memory.


  • Built-in sequence function (supports triggered synchronization)
  • LAN (LXI compliant) /USB/RS232C as standard interface
  • Equipped with internal resistance variable function
  • Supports network-based remote control and monitoring with VMCB (virtual multi-channel bus) function
  • The output is a power type that can combine a wide range of voltage and current settings (3x to 4x ratio)
  • Universal input power supply voltage (85V to 265V)
  • Config setting shortcut function and display (up to 3 config settings can be registered)
  • Preset memory function (three sets of voltage/current/OVP/OCP/UVL settings)
  • Bleeder (sync) can be turned on/off, and a powerful bleeder mode can be set.
  • Built-in output on/off delay function
  • Built-in soft start/stop function
  • Achieves a guaranteed operating ambient temperature of 50°C (storage temperature is -25°C to +60°C)

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