Kikusui PLZ-U Series

Modular Multifunction DC Electronics Loads (CC/CR/CV/CC+CV/CR+CV)) 0V Input, 75W/150W, up to 5 Moduls

Multi-Channel Load Systems Can Be Built Easily! Operating Multiple Units in Parallel Offers Large Capacity!*Only load units of the same model can be operated in parallel.

For EV/HEV high voltage converter and battery testing. Booster realizes large capacity at low cost!

The PLZ-U Series is a set of compact high-performance multi-channel electronic load systems that can operate in three modes — constant current, constant resistance, and constant voltage. The Series consists of four models: two frame models and two load unit models. By combining different models of load units and frame, the power capacity can be changed from 75W to 750W (when five PLZ150U units are mounted in a PLZ-50F frame). Supporting the GPIB and RS-232C interfaces as standard, the electronic load can be built into various types of test systems for testing fuel cells, secondary cells0 , DC/DC converters, switching power supplies, multiple-output power supplies and more. Both interfaces support IEEE 488.2 as well as the Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments (SCPI) commands developed for testing and measuring instruments.

  • Slew rate of 2.4A/μs in the rising and falling edges in CC mode (PLZ150U)
  • Built-in three ranges; voltmeter, ammeter, and wattmeter
    functions that provide readings of up to five digits
  • The current slew rate can be changed continuously in
    constant current and constant resistance modes
  • Supports 0-V input – an indispensable feature for testing
    single-cell fuel cells
  • Individual units (channels) can operate either independently
    or in synchronization
  • Up to 5 load units of the same model can be operated in parallel.
  • Up to three values can be stored in memory for each most
    frequently used operation mode and range
  • Equipped with various types of protection circuits:
    Over Voltage Protection(OVP), Over Current Protection(OCP), Over
    Power Protection(OPP), Over Heat Protection(OHP), Under Voltage
    Protection(UVP), And Reverse Connection Protection(REV)
  • GPIB/RS232C are standard interface
  • External control is available to turn on or off the output

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