Kikusui PLZ-5W/5WZ Series

Multifunction DC Electronics Load (CC/CV/CR/CP), ARB, 0.25V-150V, 200W-10.8KW, 60A/us.

The PLZ-5W Series is the next generation of PLZ load testers. While retaining the same features, specifications, and build quality as its predecessor, this new series also includes a high-visibility color display and low-voltage operation from 0.25 V to 150 V. Using the new Automatic Resistor Bandwidth Function (ARB) as used in LED/solar testing, you can program up to 6 modes of operation: Constant Current mode; Constant Resistance mode; Constant Voltage mode; Constant Power mode; Constant Current + Constant Voltage mode; and Constant Resistance + Constant Voltage mode.

The PLZ-5W series is equipped with a high-speed response providing a maximum slew rate of 60 A/μs and a minimum response setting resolution of 10 μA. Additional features include soft start function, variable slew rate, selectable response (CV/CR mode), switching function, ABC preset memory, 20 user-defined set-up configurations and a sequence operation function. The advanced high speed response makes the PLZ-5W ideal for testing power supplies that require variable high speed current changes. This advantage extends to the testing of current clamps/transducers. The PLZ-5W Series is available in 4 standard models which can be incrementally extended by adding additional booster units (PLZ2405W) to achieve a maximum output power of 10.8 kW / 2160 A DC electronic load.


  • An impedance measurement system can be easily created with a single PLZ-5WZ unit and dedicated impedance measurement software.
  • Real-time impedance values of the DUT can be obtained during discharge.
  • R, jX, 0 and Z measurements available.
  • AC frequency from 100 Hz – 10 kHz (seven fixed settings) and signal levels are programmable.
  • Voltage slope correction feature that minimizes the effect of voltage slope due to discharge.
  • Improved accuracy during minute impedance measurement with the zero adjustment function.
  • Measurement results and graphs from the application software can be copied directly to Excel.

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